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dean w. fejes ~ naples, florida  

Welcome to my gallery!

Photography has been a passion of mine for over forty years. In my youth I did some freelance, weddings, etc. But the need for sustanance and shelter led me in a different direction, managing a country club for 25+ years, having my own restaurant in Naples, and now retirement. I have been blessed with my sucess in the business world, and now hope to give some of that back through my photography.

My passion has always been people, especially children, animals (domesticated or wild), and nature's splendor. These themes run troughout my work. I avoid formal portrait work, as catching great expressions, especially with children, are spontaneous. Like most photographers I am also guilty of the 'occassional' snapshot, be it a holiday, event, or vacation.

Dedication... I want to dedicate the photographs displayed here to all those who have been helpful, but most often tolerant, Anyone who has been bitten by this bug, knows how time consuming it can become. I do this for my personal gratification and enjoyment. Most of my work for others is free, and when there is a profit beyond my expenses, it will always be donated to charity. I want my work to represent a repayment for all that I have been blessed with and am grateful for.

Alaska 2006 has been published... It is available at www.blurb.com Just do a search for Alaska 2006 or click on this link. It is available in hardcover for the coffee table or softcover. Any profit is donated to charity.


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